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Litigation & Dispute 

We always aim to resolve commercial disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our clients are in the business of supplying their products or services and not in the business of attending court hearings. We aim to keep it that way however unfortunately, disputes are not always resolved between the parties and litigation is required. Our team is experienced in conducting straight forward and complex commercial litigation matters across all jurisdictions in Australia.

Business sales
Business Sales & 

Buying or selling a business is typically the most significant commercial decision you will make. Whether your business or the business you are buying is large or small, our team can assist you to prepare for, negotiate, manage, and complete the transaction. Our goal is to make the process of buying or selling your business as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Commerical lease
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Commercial &
Retail Leasing

A commercial lease is a legally binding contract outlining the rights and responsibilities of both the tenant and landlord for the duration of the lease. Our experienced commercial lawyers work to draft commercial lease documents to accurately reflect the agreement struck between parties, or to review lease documents to highlight and renegotiate any onerous terms. At Virtue Legal we provide end to end service with commercial or retail leases where we will negotiate the lease terms, draft the lease, assist with any disputes arising during the term of the lease and termination of the lease.


Commercial contracts are key to business relationships and it is vital that your commercial contracts are carefully drafted to ensure your best interests are protected. There are many types of commercial contracts that you may enter into. Our team are experienced in drafting and reviewing all types of commercial contracts including but not limited to commercial and retail leases, employment contracts, buy/sell agreements, sale of business contracts, shareholder agreements, franchising agreements, service contracts and confidentiality agreements (NDA’s).

Virtue Legal Commercial Contracts
Business Meeting

Franchising is a separate area of commercial law and is unique as it has its own legislation and Code of Conduct in addition to being regulated by other areas of commercial law. We have assisted many franchisees and franchisors across Victoria. We have extensive experience in franchising from drafting franchising agreements to assisting existing franchisors and franchisees with franchise disputes.

Employment advice & disputes

As an employer, you are legally obligated to comply with all aspects of Australian employment law and ensure your employees can work comfortably in a safe and secure environment – free of bullying, discrimination, and harassment. If your business does not comply with the right employment laws, your business reputation will be affected both internally and externally. Our team has acted for clients across various industries in workplace related matters, including representing employers and employees at the Fair Work Commission.

Employment advice
Debt Recovery

Whether you owe money or are owed money Virtue Legal can assist. We will negotiate a quick and commercial resolution to ensure you are not spending more money than you will recover. If you need to chase up unpaid customer invoices let our team do the work for you so you can focus on your business.

Debt recover

Intellectual Property (IP) is protecting the rights to creation of the mind such as new or original inventions, literary and other artistic works, designs, symbols, and brands. Intellectual property can be both, tangible or intangible. As experienced intellectual property lawyers based in Melbourne, Virtue Legal can help you register and safeguard your IP to prevent it from being used against you in an unlawful or unethical manner.

Business Set-up
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Choosing the right business structure is an important step for any new business owner. Whether you are starting your own business, buying an existing business, or buying a franchise there are many important legal considerations. It starts with getting the structure right and whether the appropriate structure will be a sole trader, partnership or company will depend on your circumstances.

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